Head Brewer Press Release

Aldie, Virginia- June 8, 2017

Quattro Goombas Brewery will be introducing their new Head Brewer, Chris Jacques at a Meet the Brewer event on Friday, June 9 from Noon - 8PM.  The first five beers that Chris brewed for Quattro Goomba’s are now available in the brewery’s tasting room in draft form as well as available in crowlers and growlers to take home.

Precedent, a pale ale was the first beer brewed by Chris as well as being the first beer produced on Quattro Goomba’s larger 10BBL brewhouse.  Chris is currently working with Bright Yeast Labs on a Saison series which will feature the same base saison divided among three separate fermenters in order for three different yeast strains to be pitched.  The saison series will be available in the brewery’s tasting room mid-late June.

Chris joined the Goomba family in April 2017.  Chris’s career in craft brewing spans over the past two decades and includes brewing at John Harvard’s Brewery & Ale House, Harpoon Brewery, Rock Bottom, Ornery Beer Company and Lost Rhino Brewing Company.  

Quattro Goomba’s will be featuring guest taps from Lost Rhino and Ornery from June 21-23 to showcase three beers that Chris was involved with during his time at both breweries.  Ornery’s, Light of Cologne won a Gold medal at the 2016 GABF in the German-Style Koelsch category under Chris’ tenure as Head Brewer.  Ornery’s, Pacific Waves (IPA) and Lost Rhino’s, White Crests (Maibock) will be available in draft form only during this special event.

When asked why he chose Quattro Goombas, Chris says that he was looking for a home and based on his experiences and interactions with the QGB team he felt that there was a connection there. He says that he is looking forward to helping expand a fast growing craft beer brand with an expanded brewhouse and plans for expansion in the near future. Chris’ passion for making technically perfect beer and Quattro Goomba’s focus on quality products go hand in hand.


Jay DeCianno, Owner






6.17.17 --  Quattro Goomba’s Brewery is excited to announce the release of a saison series that will only be available in the brewery’s tasting room.  The Head Brewer, Chris Jacques, brewed a base saison that was divided among three 2.5BBL fermenters.  Working with Jasper Akerboom of Bright Yeast Labs a different yeast was pitched into each fermenter.  The three strains were Ardennes, Thiriez and a wild yeast that Jasper collected from Madison County, Virginia (located 70 miles south of Aldie, VA).  The saison project is a unique and fun way to showcase the flavor profile provided by each yeast strain.  Yeast does more than produce alcohol in beer and in a saison, is the key element that defines this beer style.  Saisons are meant to be light and refreshing regardless of their color, malt and hop characteristics.

Saison’s were first brewed by the Belgian’s and the French and is reflected by the yeast strains chosen for the Quattro Goombas saison series.  The Ardennes is Belgian, Thiriez is French and representing the U.S., the wild yeast from Madison County, Virginia.

The tasting panel at Quattro Goomba’s found that the Ardennes was the sweetest among the three with almost tart attributes.  Thiriez was the most to resemble saison characteristics of being crisp, light and refreshingly dry.  The wild yeast from Madison County contained the most pronounced yeast character with a moderate amount of the barnyard funk that defines a saison.

Future plans for identifying key characteristics in specific yeast strains include a pale ale series along with working with Bright Yeast Labs to isolate a strain of yeast specific for Quattro Goomba’s.  In the U.S. brewer’s tend to obtain yeast for a specific style compared to other areas of the world where brewer’s use yeast that contain “house” characteristics regardless of beer style.  Quattro Goomba’s is looking forwarding to developing a definition and a flavor profile that reflects their house character by capturing that wild yeast around the property.