Goombas take on "The Best of the Big City Sandwiches". Chicago Style, Philly Style, and Pittsburgh Style eats starts now!

All sandwiches are served just how we make them. If you must make modifications, order pizza!!

Beer Pretzels with Cheese - $8.50

House made beer pretzels served with a creamy pepper cheese.

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip - $9

Served with warm pita bread.

Mexican Torta - $9

A Mexican sandwich that became popular after WWII (the big one) with many varieties. Ours is thinly pounded breaded chicken, deep-fried and served on a fresh baked torpedo roll with avocado, onion, tomato, chipotle mayo, and oaxaca cheese.  

Chicago Italian Beef - $9

This Italian beef sandwich dates back to the early 1900s in Chicagos Little Italy. Our secret recipe marinated sirloin is thinly sliced and soaked in au jus then piled on a hearth baked roll. Topped with your choice of hot or mild peppers and served with a side of giardinara. 

Pittsburgh's Capi -  $9

This legendary sandwich is like those from the heart of Steelers territory. Capicola (spicy Italian ham) is piled on thick sliced Italian bread, topped with provolone cheese, crispy house-made fries, tangy slaw, and fresh tomatoes. Add a fried egg for a $1.

Pittsburgh's Cheesesteak -  $9

This is the Western PA version and another Pittsburgh staple.  You get a steak burger all beef patty served with melted provolone on thick sliced Italian bread. Topped with house-made fries, tangy slaw, and fresh tomatoes. Add a fried egg $1.

Philly's Cheese Steak -  $9

The exact origination of this sandwich can be debated but the QG rendition originates right here in our brewery. Our thinly sliced beef is packed into an Italian club roll and drizzled with our mouth watering Goomba cheese sauce.

Add a side of house-made fries to any order for $4. Add our house made cheese sauce for a buck!


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